George FM Drive with Dan & Gracie

Dan and Gracie are covering Thane and Kara this week on Breakfast.

Dan and Gracie bringing you all the bangers and sassy chat for your avo drive home, thanks to Heineken.

Dan from homeland Australia grew up with a huge passion for music and radio. He’s an accomplished DJ and has been part of the growth of the radio station since the early days. Dan is the tastemaker for finding, making and also producing our biggest tracks on George FM.

Gracie has a history in TV presenting, reporting and producing. She’s excited about joining Dan for their show after her news reading days on George Breakfast last year. She loves equestrian, fishing, fashion, horse races, skiing and the outdoors.

The George FM Drive show on-air now, thanks to Heineken. CHOON IN from 3– 6pm!

Heineken, the world’s most premium international beer, is brining Heineken Light to New Zealand.

So now you can quench your thirst with the same tasting delicious drink that’s only 2.5%.

Heineken Light is available in stores from September 3rd.

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