George FM Beats In The Burbs!

George FM brings its world famous DJ Line-up to the Suburbs of Auckland.

Beats in The Burbs - coming to a venue far closer to you.

Bin Bin Deluxe, Takapuna Saturday 6th September

Bosun’s Bar, Howick Saturday 13th September

The Hangar Bar, Henderson Saturday 20th September

Smart Bar, Pukekohe Saturday 27th September

Dan Aux, Dick Johnson, Dean Campbell, Aroha, Thane Kirby, Bulletproof, The Beat Mafia, Sweetmix Kids and more

Get your tickets now, early birds are only $15!

We received the following email and have decided to do something about it:

Dear George,

I’ve been to every party you’ve thrown this year. But I’ve had to stop. Half of my salary ends up going on taxis every week. I don’t want to stop but if I keep going on like this I’m going to end up homeless or boring.

Please help,

Housebound in Howick.

…and we’ve responded with Beats in the Burbs. Coming real soon, to your neighbourhood. Same parties, way easier!