Bass Camp

With the festival on your doorstep, Bass Camp is one of the most desirable campsites R&V has to offer. With three swimming pools, seated shading, as well as all of the above offerings – you can’t go wrong!

Bass Camp also gives you access to Mid and Treble Camp.

Mid Camp

Another campsite within arms’ reach, Mid Camp is the holder of two of our Premium Accommodation providers –The Tepee Village & The Hubs. We also have a number of campsites for those who wish to pitch their tent within Mid Camp.

Mid Campers will have access to Bass and Treble Camp.

Treble Camp

The larger of the four campgrounds; Treble is conveniently tucked a five minutes walk from the festival, as well as a short distance to the car park for a simple shuffle of the luggage.  Treble is also the home for the newly added campervan section.

If you do have a campervan you can however purchase a Mid or Bass pass if you wish. Please note you will still be located in Treble but will have entry to Bass & Mid Campgrounds as well.

R&V will be providing powered sites for campervans.

The maximum size of each campervan is 6.5m (in length). Awnings are permitted, but can only be a maximum of 2m.

Only motor homes, campervans, and other vehicles transformed into sleeping accommodation (does not include station wagons with folded down back seats) can enter the site of campervan camping.

Please note campervans will not be allowed to park in our general car park. These must be parked Onsite in the Treble campground with the above campervan ticket and Onsite Camping ticket purchased.

Nirvana Camp

Please check the Nirvana camping article for more info.

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