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London-based collective Jungle are releasing their highly anticipated self-titled debut album on 11th July. Released on XL Recordings, their eponymous album builds on the success of their singles Busy Earnin’, and the latest Time.

Jungle are based around a core musical duo of lifelong friends known simply as ‘J’ and ‘T’, who expand to a thrilling seven piece live, and make mesmeric, kaleidoscopic modern soul that’s unmistakably born in the UK but has true global appeal (their ‘Platoon’ video has already racked up more than 4 million views). Their album was recorded between J's bedroom in Shepherds Bush, London and the XL Recordings studio in nearby Ladbroke Grove.

There is no blueprint to Jungle’s irresistible, life-enhancing, report-to-the-dancefloor sound but there are many ingredients. It’s P-Funk and ‘Grand Theft Auto’, it’s Curtis Mayfield and ‘Tron’, it’s the Beach Boys and Joy Division and Marvin Gaye and Can, all cut up and refracted in a London neighbourhood where anything can happen.


1. The Heat

2. Accelerate

3. Busy Earnin’

4. Platoon

5. Drops

6. Time

7. Smoking Pixels

8. Julia

9. Crumbler

10. Son Of A Gun

11. Lucky I Got What I Want

12. Lemonade Lake


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