Tame Impala - Currents

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Canyon-like grooves, iridescent synths, and hypnotic melodies: Kevin Parker’s third full-length under his Tame Impala alias is his finest to date, a throbbing, psychedelic soul opus that echoes Michael Jackson and Prince as readily as it does Syd Barrett. While opening statement “Let It Happen” is a mostly guitar-less seven-minute journey through cascading keyboards and falsetto vocals, “The Moment” is majestic pop that brims with both finger-snaps and gilded bass lines. 

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Track listing

1. Let It Happen

2. Nangs

3. The Moment 

4. Yes I'm Changing

5. Eventuallys

6. Gossip

7. The Less I Know the Better 

8. Past Life

9. Disciples

10. 'Cause I'm a Man

11. Reality In Motion

12. Love/Paranoia

13. New Person, Same Old Mistakes

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