Pike River Mine

Aussie woman loses her mind when DJ doesn’t play her request, slaps/punches bar staff

It all started as an innocent Office Christmas party at the Gladstone Reef Hotel in Queensland - right up until one lady completely lost her shit when the DJ refused to play her requests.

/Gladstone Reef Hotel

Once Raquel Theresa Hudson, 44, realised the DJ had neglected to play her tune, she proceeded to grab the bar manager by the neck and slap him square across the face.

When she was asked to leave she slapped the bar manager some more and punched the security guard before getting escorted off the premise.

Hudson has since lost her job.

On Monday, she pleaded guilty to assault and assault causing bodily harm over the attack.

Beware of the crazy eyes.

/Raquel Hudson


Pike River Miners Relief Trust

The Grey District Council is deeply saddened by the events that have unfolded in the wake of the Pike River Mine explosion.

Now more than ever is the time for the community to stand behind these families so deeply affected. Council is assisting in setting up the PIKE RIVER MINERS RELIEF FUND TRUST in order to offer the financial support required now and going forward.

The Trust will have representation from multiple support agencies involved in the response.

Donations can be made at any Westpac branch, or sent care of the Grey District Council.

Advertising will also commence shortly on other ways to make donations

Telecom, Vodaphone and 2 Degree customers can text 306 to make an automatic $3 donation.

Tony Kokshoorn - Mayor


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