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Auckland's iconic music venue, The Kings Arms, has sold for over $7 mil

After a short couple of months on the market, the unforgettable Kings Arms Tavern has sold for $7.4 million. 
It's bleak news for those of us with fond memories of vibing out to a sweet groove on the dancefloor, enjoying cheap tap beers or hooning a durry or two out in the fairy-lit garden bar.

Kings Arms Garden / Crawford Photography

The days of vibing at 59 France Street, Newton may well be over.

The venue owner, Maureen Gordon, wished for the Kings Arms musical legacy to continue but only received offers from developers, after putting it on the market in September.

She bought the 2,112 square metre property three decades ago. At the time it was more of a sports bar. Gordon's interests lay with country music and so she slowly turned the place into a haven for music. Now, in 2016, Kings Arms carries a legacy and reputation like no other music venue in the country.
The place has seen the likes of The Black Keys and The White Stripes on its stage.

Many Kiwi musos have risen in their retrospective scenes at Kings Arms. Homebrew, Eno x Dirty, Totems, LarzRanda, Yoko-Zuna to name a few...

Tom Scott of Homebrew, @peace, Average Rap Band - Kings Arms / Crawford Photography

Kenji Iwamitsu-Holdaway of Yoko-Zuna - Kings Arms / Crawford Photography

Producer legends like Shlohmo, Baths, Gold Panda and Mac DeMarco have all played amazing, intimate sets. 

Among the many hundreds, if not thousands, of shows that have come alive in this beautiful venue.

Mac Demarco getting that lavish crowd love - King Arms / Crawford Photography
Gordon - now over 80 - decided to part ways with the tavern due to her properties soaring overheads and a bout of poor health. She told Stuff the sale "was a sign of the times."

"I do feel very sad about the sale though - it's been a lifestyle for my family - and for the young music goers of Auckland."

"We will be there for about 16 months more ... and the place rolls on just the same until then."

16 months left with this priceless piece of NZ music history. Be sure to enjoy her before she's gone. 

We love you Kings Arms. 

Pike River Miners Relief Trust

The Grey District Council is deeply saddened by the events that have unfolded in the wake of the Pike River Mine explosion.

Now more than ever is the time for the community to stand behind these families so deeply affected. Council is assisting in setting up the PIKE RIVER MINERS RELIEF FUND TRUST in order to offer the financial support required now and going forward.

The Trust will have representation from multiple support agencies involved in the response.

Donations can be made at any Westpac branch, or sent care of the Grey District Council.

Advertising will also commence shortly on other ways to make donations

Telecom, Vodaphone and 2 Degree customers can text 306 to make an automatic $3 donation.

Tony Kokshoorn - Mayor


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