Agwa Banger Of The Day

Tell us your Agwa party banger tune below and you automatically go into the draw to win a Night Out with Agwa at Tom Tom restaurant, a dinner experience for you and 9 mates!

Dan will be playing them out in his show next week, listen in to see if your tune is played out on air.

Check out the Agwa Yacht in Sydney video below!

We’re going to be doing something similar soon so stay tuned.

What is Agwa?

AGWA de Bolivia - the original Coca Leaf Liqueur

Their story begins with the best quality coca leaves which are grown above 2000m in the Andes, picked and shipped to Amsterdam where they are immediately macerated into tea. This liquid is then pot distilled to a strength of 82%. The pure coca leaf distillate is rested before the remaining 36 herbs and botanicals are blended.

Some of the ingredients included in the herbs and botanicals are:

Chinese Green Tea, African Mint, Amazonian Guarana, Argentinian Black Mountain Tea, Ginseng, Lavender and Cucumber.

The taste is then rounded out to create a complex and harmonious blend handcrafted by a world class master blender. Finally the high strength formula is bespoke distilled and reduced to 30% ABV. AGWA when frozen forms ice crystals which concentrate the colour allowing it to ‘glow’ and uniquely intensifying the flavour which comes through as a frozen ‘hit’.