Jump on the Auckland Dolphin & Whale Safari

Our good mates at the Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari are making your summer with a trip for you and three mates to experience the astonishing wildlife our beautiful Hauraki Gulf has to offer.

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The 4.5 hour marine eco-safari offers guaranteed Whale and Dolphin viewing year-round, departing direct from the Viaduct Harbour in down-town Auckland. But they offer so much more than just Whale and Dolphin watching.

The privilege of operating daily within this world-class conservation area has led Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari to establish New Zealand's only research-based marine mammal experience.

With over one third of all the world’s marine-mammal species seen within the area the amazing Hauraki Gulf Marine Park is one of the best places on the entire planet to see whales and dolphins, and it’s right on Auckland’s doorstep!

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