Nice Guy for Blue Sky

Congratulations to the happy couple Shannon & Alister!

Meet our Nice Guy


Name: Alister

Age: 28

From: Auckland

What is the nicest thing you have ever done?:

Studied for a year when I told my folks I was working and surprised them with the grad cert. Was pretty cool because I had dropped out of the same course 2 years earlier and they were a bit gutted (hard to keep that a secret for a year). That was pretty cool. I'm also a kids Can sponsor and have worked with and for other charities over the years. 

Who is your favourite person in the world?:

I wouldn't say I'm a mumma's boy but she's probably my go to though. I'm very lucky and grateful to have some pretty awesome friends and family at the gym and dotted across the country too.

Where would you take someone on a date?:

Can't beat dinner and drinks with a sunset.... But where? I'd tailor the date to what she enjoys. Had a date along those lines at Waihi beach one year- topped off by Netsky and Chase & Status (George gig).

Describe your dream partner:

Good chat, fun, easy going, ambitious, driven, motivated, assertive, confident, adventurous with a hint of crazy (but not too much!!) attractive (have to say that) I'm an eyes and smile guy, that's what gets me.