The Samsung Six Appeal

We’re giving away stunning new Samsung Galaxy S6’s!

Dan Aux has blended together six songs into a one minute mix – we’re calling it the Samsung Six Appeal.

The deal is simple; just listen out for the mix at 8am, 12pm and 4pm - if you can name the six songs (in order!) enter below.

We’ll be creating a new mix each week over the next few weeks, and each Friday afternoon George Drive will draw a winner.

Samsung has also recently launched MILK Music, a subscription-free streaming service that’s available to all Samsung GALAXY owners – we’ve created a George FM playlist on the app, check it out!

The Samsung Six Appeal. Brought to you by the Samsung GS6.

DESIGN: The GS6 and the GS6 edge are stunning looking devices. Crafted out of metal and Gorilla glass they are beautiful to look at and use. The GS6 edge also features the world’s first dual curved screen. You won’t believe how much the curves make videos and pictures pop from the screen.

SUPER FAST CHARGING: The GS6 is ready to move when you are with super-fast charging; only 10 minutes of charging gives you up to 4 hours standard use

SCREEN: With the highest pixel density of any phone the GS6’s screen is stunningly sharp

CAMERA: The fast loading camera is ready to shoot in less than a second so you’ll never miss a thing.


Congratulations to  Evelien Carrein who won the first Samsung Galaxy GS6 by naming all the tracks in the mix below! Play the Samsung Six Appeal this week for another chance to win!

Congratulations to Max Forsyth who took out week two!

Congratulations to Hamish McEwan who took out week three!