Steal this t-shirt


George FM is encouraging Anti Social behaviour. You might see a few T-shirts spread around Auckland over the next couple of weeks. Steal it and it's yours!

As if a sweet free T-shirt wasn't good enough, by taking them you get access to the bar tab we will be putting on at the ultimate George FM party of the year which will be held at Snapdragon, Wednesday September 12th from 8pm to midnight (click here for the Facebook event). But you must be wearing the t-shirt you stole in order to get access to the tab. Want to bring a friend to the party to help you drink the tab? Well we have got you sorted. Check out how you can win your friend a George FM t-shirt.

Plus you're also giving yourself the chance to win a trip to Bluesky in Fiji. Buuut we'll tell you a bit more about that later.  

Click here for full terms & conditions.

Steal this t-shirt - Videos

Springbreak Fiji 2015 highlights reel

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Wet T-Shirt Competition

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Steal this t-shirt off Dan Aux!

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Where can I steal a t-shirt?

Want to get in on all this anti social behavior? Well check out our map on where you can steal your very own George t-shirt.

Steal this t-shirt 


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Steal This T-Shirt - Photos

T-Shirt Party @ Snapdragon

Check out the photos from the George FM T-Shirt Party held at Snapdragon!...

Thief #1 - Stolen from the bottom of customs street in a side ally way

Who has stolen a George FM T-Shirt so far?

Check out who has stolen a limited edition George FM T-Shirt....

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