See the Sweet Mix Kids in LA and Vegas!

See the Sweet Mix Kids in LA and Vegas!

George FM are known for sending people to the coolest experiences around the world, so why not send them to visit our very own Sweet Mix Kids in LA!

grabaseat, 1885 and George FM will send two lucky listeners, to see the Sweet Mix Kids at Sky Bar, Mondrian, Los Angeles.

You'll get to experience the high life in Vegas, before partying in Los Angeles with Sweet Mix Kids!

Enter here or text in 'Sweet' to 966. We'll choose two entrants each day, and reward ya with a VIP pass to the 1885 Basement, for our giveaway event on 3rd November.

If you're lucky enough to get an invite, come along to the exclusive 1885 basement, where our grand prize will be drawn.

Everyone who attends will get another chance to access the basement... and head to America with the Sweet. Mix. Kids!

Huge thanks to grabaseat and 1885!

Le Vin Le Vegas Le Vangeles poster