Win George FM Breakfast...Breakfast

The Muesli Hub has let Clarke & Aroha create their own George FM Breakfast Muesli!

The Muesli Hub is Breakfast as it should be, created by you!

Choose a base for your muesli, add in the fruits, nuts and the seeds that you love. You can use the nutritional calculator to create the perfect mix to fuel your lifestyle AND you can personalise your muesli creation by giving it a creative name.

Listen to George FM Breakfast or catch Ethan the Intern out and about to win some Arohungas (Aroha) and For Nuts Sake (Clarke) Muesli.

Enter below to go in the draw to win Muesli Hub Breakfast till the end of the year!

Love mornings with The Muesli Hub. Design your own muesli online and have it delivered to your door.

Start mixing now –