Win a Highlife Experience


Show us your dedication to the Highlife!

Wanna win an amazing Highlife prize pack? Just enter here by uploading a photo of yourself living the Highlife. We want you to show your dedication any way you see fit. You could throw up a massive Highlife sign somewhere and get a pic, or recreate a 70s glamour pic shoot featuring you and your mates - just go nuts - there are no rules.

The most creative dedication photo wins a VIP Highlife experience including... 

Samsung ST550 Digital camera
Two VIP tickets to the event
A bottle of Champagne to drink at the event
Two dozen Heineken (prior to the event)
A tray of Red Bull (prior to the event)
A bottle of Russian Standard Vodka (prior to the event)

Check out all the info for Highlife here:

Highlife NYE Experience

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