Win with Spark and Spotify Premium

All this week The George FM Grind is ad free between 11am-1pm, thanks to Spark and Spotify Premium.

Now, just like on Spotify Premium, you can enjoy the music without any loud, annoying ads interrupting your tunes.

To celebrate, we're giving away a brand new Huawei P8. Just text SPARK to 966 to be in the draw!

The Huawei P8 takes amazing photos, allows you to paint pictures with light and to shoot movies with different angles. 

If you’re already with Spark then you can most likely get free Spotify Premium, which means unlimited access to all the music you love.

It’s super easy to use, simply search for any artist, album, song, or genre and start playing.

You can set up your own playlists, or listen to premade playlists that set the mood for any occasion - from entertaining friends at home, to working out at the gym. It’s got everything from the chilled out vibes through to the biggest bangers.

You can even take your music offline so you don’t need internet – you can listen to all your favourite songs wherever you want, whenever you want.

Check /Spotify for more info and start enjoying all your favourite tunes today!

Not with Spark? Then make the switch to get free Spotify Premium with your mobile plan.

And text SPARK to 966 to be into win now.