The Profile

One New Zealand track is profiled by us every week. Curated by Jay Bulletpoof, proudly brought to you by NZ on Air.

The Profile Ep. 10 - Diamonds & Gold - Raiza Biza x Ill Baz 

The Profile Ep. 9 - Like a Game - Imagine This x King Kapisi

The Profile Ep. 8 - Ride - Thomston x Sachi 

The Profile Ep. 7 - Problems - Sid Diamond x Lee Mvtthews remix 

The Profile Ep. 6 - Collect - Matthew Young

(Unfortunately, we couldn't upload this intro and track to SoundCloud. However, check the official video out below, plus the tune is a bloody banger. Hella homegrown pride right here!) 

The Profile Ep. 5  - YES - Yoko Zuna x Heavy x Lars Randa 

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