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Overnight Waiata on GeorgeFM. Brilliant!...


Pākehā woman has caused a total uproar online for getting herself a Tā moko

A lot of people ain't happy about this...

1 hour ago

Kendrick Lamar just called girl the f*ck out for saying the N-word on stage


2 hours ago

This new study reveals which festivals you're most likely to get lucky at

Just in case you were wondering...


Ekali hilariously (and accurately) describes EDM's sub genres and we're all here for it

Waaaaay too accurate.


The rich and famous' new method to looking young, 'Foreskin Facials'



Not going to EDC Las Vegas? Well here's where you can watch it live

Catch the live stream of the whole thing.


So apparently stuffing MDMA inside brie is a thing at dinner parties now?



Festival's latest trend, all hail the glitter booty!

Well, if you hate glitter boobs....


Diplo savagely takes down Deadmau5 on Twitter without giving a single f*ck



Warnings issued over super potent batch of ecstasy-like pills circling the scene

Stay away from these, team.


Check out all the crack up parodies of Childish Gambino's 'This Is America' video

The hype doesn't stop!


This legend spent his student loan money on billboards asking Kanye West to hire him

There's one way to put the money to good use.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been cancelled and the cast are just as heartbroken as we are

So not cool cool cool cool cool.


Ol' Paula Bennett tries to call out Jacinda Ardern... then Twitter roasts her right back

Aw gummon, Paula.


Dr. Dre just lost a name lawsuit against a gynaecologist called Dr. Drai

Easy mistake.


Calvin Harris and girlfriend Aarika Wolf involved in car crash

Two people were left injured.


LISTEN: Kings and Daniel Green's tribute to Johnny Danger

"Me and the bro Kings just wanted to show some love for the bro"


Study finds Netflix is responsible for your shit sex life

Have we forgotten what 'Netflix and chill' means?


Dude's meth-like experience after taking potent pre-workout supplement at work

"I figured since I was going to the gym later, it couldn't hurt" - oh boy how he was wrong.


French Montana plays unexpected Avicii tribute at Norway festival, crowd loses it's shit

This is what it's all about.


Social media reacts to Childish Gambino's 'This Is America' music vid


Man arrested on drug charges nosedives over second-floor balcony to escape courtroom

Don't worry, he's still alive. Just terribly injured.


Countdown announce first 10 supermarkets going plastic bag free

Rate your work, Countdown.


Guy Ritchie is making another British gangster film and we can't fucking wait

Fans of Lock Stock and Snatch, this news will put jam in your doughnut.


Childish Gambino just dropped woke AF track 'This Is America'



Diplo, Sia and Labrinth's new supergroup LSD just released their debut song 'Genius'

The video definitely feels like you're on LSD too.


Festivals in the UK are giving glitter the boot since it's so shitty for the environment



China has a Virtual Reality theme park and it's f*cking insane!



Dog trainer mad he can't race dogs anymore after his dog tests positive for meth

How does a dog get meth anyway?


Clarke Gayford rumours: We don't know WTF they are, but here's Twitter's best guesses

The rumours are apparently no longer true... but what the f*ck are the rumours even about?


Gloriavale residents are trying to nab KFC's secret recipe!

So finger lickin' good that cults can't resist!


Skrillex has decided to venture outside EDM and open his own taco restaurant

Something the EDM world will definitely taco 'bout.


This girl's prom dress has caused Internet wide controversy

A lot of different opinions here...


Check out the weirdest shit passengers have left behind in their Ubers

So random.


Aussie's first festival pill testing trial finds deadly batch of pills in circulation

This is good.


The founder of Burning Man festival has passed away



Sex ed book divides parents for being too explicit

Are they being prudes or nah?


Voice artist asked to pronounce Maori place name the 'white way'

He tweeted his message to Taika.


Hundreds show their love for Johnny Danger with burn outs in funeral procession

Hell farking yeahaw, this is the send off the Kiwi legend deserves.


Avicii's family have confirmed his cause of death



You could be Kim Dotcom's next live-in DJ

You'll get to live in his Queenstown mansion.


10 of Johnny Danger's best moments and why we loved him

A small tribute to the icon, Johnny 'Danger' Bennett.


Coachella and Live Nation are now banning plastic straws from all events

This is fucking dope!


According to some tourist, New Zealander's are a bunch of prudes

Apparently we don't fuck with PDA.


Deaf uber driver leaves this sign in his car that will hit you right in the feels



Festy goer is groped 22 times within 10 hours at Coachella

This is pretty bad..


12yo little shit steals his mum's credit card, flies to Bali

He had pre-planned this for months...


Kanye's new Yeezy slides are lowkey ugly but we'll probs still cop them

They're being compared to Crocs...


Kygo pays moving tribute to Avicii during Coachella set

One of many DJs to pay homage.


Dan 'Hangman' Hooker absolutely OWNS Jim Miller in first round knockout

Dan brings it home once again in his third consecutive victory.


International DJs and Music Artists mourn the death of Avicii

A number of international DJs and music artists have since gone out on social to mourn the death of Avicii.


Turns out weed doesn't actually make you as slow as you thought

Goodbye, guilt.


Study shows hot chips could be healthier than salad

The news we've been waiting for.


Cheeky bloke sneaks into Porn show's office in a box

Someone has too much time on their hands.


We got to steal Alison Wonderland for a quick moment at Coachella

Our girl Haylee Clarke got to spin some yarns with mega babe Alison Wonderland at Coachella!


Vince Staples goes absolutely in on R Kelly and it's awkward AF

Says what everyone's thinking though.


Kendrick Lamar just made history again, is crowned first rapper to win a Pulitzer prize



Coachella's best outfits of 2018

The most magical fits of weekend one.


ODESZA had the most mesmerizing set at Coachella

Fucking spectacular.


Flume is going to be the subject of a new documentary

Well deserved.


These are the workplaces that will most likely employ all you stoners out there

In case you needed to know.


Alison Wonderland's dad recorded her Coachella set and it's so f*cking cute

This is real love!


You might want to pause the rinse, turns out over-drinking alcohol shortens your life

Watch your limit, team.


Kanye West is dabbling in writing a philosophy book

He does it all.


No f*cking way, the yodeling Walmart kid just performed at Coachella



Five things to do while you still don't have any f*cking power

We got you covered.


Girl makes punnet of yoghurt out of bacteria from her vagina



The 23 year old chick faked cancer so she could fund her party lifestyle

She scammed at least $43,000...


YouTube got hacked and the most viewed video, 'Despacito', was deleted

But why?


Drug dealers are now using loyalty cards like they're a f*cking coffee shop

There's one way to increase your business.


Chick accidentally catches guy spiking her drink while taking a Snapchat

Watch ya drinks ladies...


Epic DJing fail caught on camera will make you cringe!

There it goes!


Mike Posner found the guy who actually gave him the 'pill in Ibiza'

This is so good!


Lorde just made a super awkward mistake on Instagram...

Oh sis, that's bad...


We're all getting ripped off, NZ has the fastest rising alcohol and drug prices

Still hasn't stopped binge drinking culture though...


Sorry team, you'll have to sort yourself out tonight because Tinder is down

Stay strong everybody.


Ol' Zuckerberg just admitted Facebook scans punters private messages and texts



Kid that was raised by wolves has said he's 'disappointed with human life'

Mate, so are we.


Man caught having sex with ninth hole on golf course

It wasn't just the hole... It was the flag too..


Three punters have had to visit the emergency room after enjoying a few Corona bevvies

Careful with ya beersies, team.


Adult Swim pranked Rick & Morty fans with a weird Australian themed cartoon

These April Fools jokes are just so cruel.


Game of Thrones release cruel April Fools joke on all of us naive fans

Like Jon Snow, we know nothing.


Netflix are looking for punters to binge watch and rate its shows

Get a salary for your hobby.


There's some pretty mixed opinions about Joseph Parker's loss

Next time, JP.


Lindsay Lohan loses lawsuit over Grand Theft Auto character she reckons looks like her

Don't toot your horn too much, sis.


Everyone's going f*cking nuts over Fortnite's newest feature

This'll make the game next level!


Blessed be the fruit, 'The Handmaid's Tale' season 2 trailer just dropped

Looks like season 2 will be just as intense as the first!!!!


Dillon Francis has been recruited by Comedy Central for new show


Donald Glover just tweeted an episode of his cancelled animated Deadpool series



Well pass us a bottle of Bombay because apparently Gin helps you lose weight


Turns out going to concerts makes you live longer

Well crikey, we better get to every gig this year then.


Ronda Rousey interview ends very awkwardly when being asked about MMA career

Former MMA star's a bit touchy about her past...


Flume has been announced as a Bonds ambassador

EDM's resident hottie is now modelling Bonds!


Queer Eye is coming back for season 2!!!!!!

Netflix have done it again.


Some f*cktard has been detained after posing with a rifle and tagging 'Ultra Music Festival'



ASOS gets down with some real models to show what clothes look like on every body type

Dass more like it.


Well, we're f*cked, scientists secretly believe we'll all be dead by 2026

Our impending doom confirmed.


Instagram has told the old algorithm to get f*cked

Thank God for that.


Some believe Obama is in NZ to 'escape the apocalypse'

Here's us thinking it was to see Hobbiton.


Welcome, to the first ever turntable orchestra

Check out this insane project come to life.


FILA are getting nostalgic and releasing unreal new Pokemon sneakers

Gotta catch 'em all!


There's now a Kanye dating app so you can find someone who froths him just as much as you

No more 808's and Heartbreak <3


Africa is actually splitting in half?

Eastern Africa has saying lataz to the rest of the continent.


Weta Workshop go next level and create 'mixed reality' gaming experience

No screens, no nothing.


Remember JNCO jeans? Yeah well they're officially dead



Meet the nuns who grow and harvest their own weed

"The Holy Trinity is the marijuana plant."


Your day has already started sh*t, Rick and Morty won't be getting a season 4

The beloved show may not return for it's highly anticipated fourth season.


Annihilation: It’s like the female Ghostbusters but better

Check out an intensive review on the new all female Sci-Fi, Annihilation.


Trump wants to introduce a 'Space Force' for all the imminent space danger

His joke may be turned into reality.


Shia LaBeouf has been crowned show bizz's biggest fashion icon

He was reportedly the muse of the entire YEEZY collection.


Pingers warning: 13 hospitalised in Christchurch after thinking they were taking MDMA

Not the first thing we've heard about dodgey pills circulating...


Sir Bob Jones could be stripped of his knighthood thanks to petition



Naked tourist rubs against penis rock, locals are pissed

Can you blame her?


The fate of the last season of GOT has just been announced

We're crying too.


China are introducing social rating system just like in 'Nosedive'

That awkward moment when a Black Mirror episode comes true.


Shannon Noll has been robbed once again in reality TV competition

Complete and utter heartbreak across the Tasman.


A 'Black Panther' sequel has already been confirmed

Wakanda will be back, baby!


Sorry DJs, Spotify just made an auto-mixing feature

Now anyone can pretend they're good at DJing!


Warnings are out for the blue 'Punisher' ecstasy pills

If you see these around, it's best to steer clear...


A 10 hour rave was thrown in an active volcano

Imagine the acoustics of that crater!


GIPHY has been removed from Instagram and Snapchat because of racist AF GIF

GIPHY has been caught under fire as their GIF search displays an extremely racist GIF.


Businessman wears heels to work, feels like a boss ass b*tch

This guy is taking the corporate world by storm and wearing heels to give himself an extra edge.


Wayan brothers hint that 'White Chicks' sequel could be in the works


Aussie munter blows up his kitchen trying to kill cockroaches

Guess the ol' Mortein and lighter trick didn't work so well.


Some mum is keen to ban Fortnite

This unlucky kid's mum has put her foot down and banned Fortnite.


Orangutan is filmed smoking a phat durry at the zoo

Zoo visitor flicked their cigarette into the enclosure and the Orangutan picked it up for a puff.


Surprise, surprise! Amsterdam's wastewater is full of dingers

A recent study has shown Amsterdam's wastewater has the highest amount of ecstasy than anywhere else.


Forget ya Billy Mavs, Coco-Cola is launching their own RTD

Coca-Cola have announced they now want to dabble in alcoholic beverages.


Instagram account is creating "lineups without males" and it looks pretty grim

Turns out when you take all the males out of a lineup, there's fuck all left.


Absolute legend creates back shed ball pit with 30,000 VB cans

Dreams are free.


Fyre Festival founder and head idiot is facing up to 40 years prison

The creators of horrendous sh*t show, Fyre Festival, are finally being brought to justice.


'The Mountain' from Game of Thrones just set a new deadlift world record

Prepare to feel emasculated.


'Grand Theft Auto VI' could be coming in hot and heading back to Vice City

Rumours are swirling about a new GTA game in the works, as well as a potential release date.


Mid-flight fapper gets tied up and dragged off plane

A passenger stripped down naked and whipped out his willy for some mid-flight pleasure.


The world's next top supermodel isn't even real

Meet Shudu, fashion's next big name that's completely CGI.


Netflix announces a fifth season of Black Mirror

Our fave binge-worthy techno-paranoia will be back for another installment.


'Get Out' actor Daniel Kaluuya shuts down interviewer's very ignorant question

An interviewer on the Oscar's red carpet suggested 'Get Out' "ticks a lot of boxes".


Aussies band together on Reddit, 'We're more progressive than NZ'

Apparently heaps of Aussies think their country is more progressive than NZ.


Tony Hawk is just as keen for a 'Pro Skater' reboot as us

After the success of the Crash Bandicoot reboot last year, will we be getting some more nostalgic goodness?


Football fans allowed to bring drugs into this years World Cup games

Russia is allowing marijuana, cocaine and heroine into this year's stadium FIFA games.


Mr Kellogg invented Corn Flakes so you'd stop wanking

John Kellogg believed plain food would subdue your sinful thoughts.


Gloriavale returns for another round and we're secretly fucking stoked

Dove Love and the abstinent gang are back with some more amazing NZ television.


People rewatch American Pie, decide now they're offended

Misogynist jokes from 1999 don't seem to be as crack up now.


Festivals are committing to gender equal line ups by 2022

Overseas festivals are giving their wahine talent an equal shot!


Dolce and Gabbana use drones instead of models for runway show

Dolce & Gabbana step up their game in the never ending competition of most surprising runway show.


Conspiracy theorists go fucking nuts over mysterious white line

A white line spanning from the North to South pole has been discovered on Google Maps.


BBQ snags see surge in tummy bugs this summer

The hot and muggy AF weather is causing our fave barby foods to make us ill.


Girl gouges out her eyes while on meth, Mother speaks out

20 year old is found gauging her eyes out during meth-induced hallucination.


Gucci's latest runway accessory is a severed head

Gucci's Fall/Winter 2018 campaign includes accessories such as a severed head, and a baby dragon.


Vape and drive and you could lose your licence

The UK Police want to stop you flexin and ban vaping whilst driving.


Aotearoa ranked the world's least corrupt country

For the second year in a row, NZ has been ranked the world's least corrupt country. Nice.


Vegan cruise runs out of vegan food, vegan guests then starve

The guests paid $60 a head, only to find some greedy vegans ate all of the food.


Vice releases doco on the dark side of synthetic cannabis in NZ

Watch 'Syn City', Vice's new doco on synthetics in NZ, and listen to our interview with James from Vice from last week.


Snapchat's CEO doesn't seem to give a shit about us hating on the new update

Good news is that Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel, has heard our feedback. The bad news, he doesn't seem to give a flying fuck.


Rick and Morty VR game coming to PS4 in April

Playstation have just announced 'Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality' will be dropping April 10, 2018.


Research on sleepless fish could help us send it all night


Sex doll brothel gets shut down days after opening

A sex doll brothel in Scotland's few days of glory have come to an abrupt end after only a few days of business.


'Black Mirror' drop real-life dating app that forecasts how long your relationship will last

'Black Mirror' released the RL dating app from the 'Hang The DJ' ep so you and your partner can see whether your relationship is a crock of shit.


Cop a peek at the rumoured new iPhone 8, and iPhone X Plus

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has made some legit predictions regarding a rumoured iPhone 8 upgrade, and a new iPhone X Plus.


New Zealand's homegirl Jacinda Ardern poses for Vogue magazine

NZ's Prime Minister and friend of the station Cindy Ardern has featured in the iconic fashion magazine's latest edition.


Some legend sussed how to get the old Snapchat back

A twitter user has figured out how to get rid of the shitty new Snapchat update.


Rumour has it Spyro is getting a PS4 reboot

One of your fave Play Station games from your childhood could be coming back for an epic return.


The Illuminati is REAL - according to Canadian ex-minister/muppet

Canada's former Minister of Defence is adamant the Illuminati is real.


Old mate Bill English resigns as National Party leader

Former Prime Minister Bill English has quit as leader of the National Party, bringing his 14-month stint at the party's helm to a close.


German tradies hit the jackpot, score 28-hour working week

German metal and engineering workers have won the right to a 28-hour work week after taking industrial action.


Turns out hand dryers are rank AF

Hand dryers are actually so gross, you'll probably never want to use one again.


Snapchat users create petition to dump the new update


Sewage overflow shuts down 50 beaches

Swimming is off limits at around 50 beaches after the weekend's heavy rain cause a hefty sewage overflow.


Wack job steals his wife's kidney without her knowing

A man in India has been arrested for stealing his missus kidney without her knowing a goddamn thing.


Apple experiences “biggest leak in history”

A large-scale leak of source code was discovered and proved to be the "biggest leak in history."


YouTube suspends all ad revenue on Logan Paul's channel

YouTube suspends Logan Paul's advertising, blames 'recent pattern of behaviour.'


Marvel's highly anticipated 'Venom' trailer has dropped

Finally a trailer has been released for the movie and it looks bloody epic.


Say hello to 150 new Emojis featuring one for all you baldies out there

Gingers and baldies need be frustrated no more when they look for that perfect Emoji to represent them because Emoji 11.0 has got you covered.


We ain't here for this new pimple popping toy

A couple in the US have taken advantage of the Internet's rank obsession with watching pimple popping videos and have created a new toy, 'Pop it Pal'.


Apple is reportedly discontinuing its latest iPhone

Talk is hooning around the place that Apple plans on discontinuing its latest and most talked about smartphone, the iPhone X.


You've gotta be Joaquin, here's who could be the next Joker

Joaquin Phoenix will follow in the footsteps of Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson by playing Batman villain the Joker.


Funnels at the ready, Jack Daniel's is creating whiskey infused coffee

Jack Daniel's has jumped on the coffee bandwagon and started making its own brew that tastes like whiskey.


Fuck yeah, female-only resort island to open in Finland

A female-only holiday resort is to open on an island off the coast of Finland.


Yas kweens, NZ coppers design this sick rainbow police car for Pride Parade

A rainbow-themed police car will join the festivities at this month's Pride Parade on Feb 17th.


Logan Paul tasers two rats in new YouTube video

Logan Paul has again made light of dead bodies, tasering two dead rats on the balcony in his $8.9 million mansion.


Here's your first look at the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

New leaks shows exactly what the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ will look like.


The creators of 'Game of Thrones' are making a series of 'Star Wars' movies

Lucasfilm and Dinsey have just announced that creators of 'GOT' will write and produce a new series of 'Star Wars' films.


People who played Sims are scientifically happier and healthier people

UNILAD reports on a psychoanalyst who's done some research on how The Sims was turning the people who used it into happier, healthier people.


You'll soon be able to watch porn and get paid for it

Tech startup Vice Indusrty Token has just announced that it will soon pay viewers to watch porn.


New study claims pizza for brekkie is healthier than cereal

A new study has found that pizza is actually a healthier breakfast option than most cereals and we are definitely not going to argue with that.


Chemical used in Maccas fries could legit cure baldness

Scientists have discovered a chemical used in McDonald's fries could cure baldness.


Your boy Barack is heading to NZ this year

Former US President, Barack Obama, is due to visit New Zealand in a couple of weeks.


Well, fuck us sideways, science proves swearing is good for your health

A number of recent studies have found swearing is good for the mind, body and soul.


Pornhub are now forcing all users to hand over personal info

Pornhub, RedTube, YouPorn and Brazzers, will now collect names, mobile phone number, addresses and dates and place of all users.


Monopoly is releasing a special edition of the game just for cheaters

If you can't help yourself from moving a few more spaces than your dice says, this version is for you.


Nintendo’s releasing ‘Mario Kart’ on your goddamn phone

Holy fucking shit, Nintendo is kicking off 2018 the right way and releasing Mario Kart on mobile!


Formula 1 ditch 'grid girls' in an effort to get with the times

Chicks prancing around the grid in questionable, heavily-branded outfits before every grand prix is now a thing of the past.


The trailer for 'the scariest movie this decade' is here

The first trailer has been released for Hereditary, a horror film receiving huge acclaim as the scariest in years.


OMNIA just launched this lux as fuck dayclub in Bali

Las Vegas club OMNIA just opened its gates to their first ever dayclub in Uluwatu, Bali. And just, well... look at it.


Green Party's medical marijuana bill makes 'interesting' developments

Green Party MP Chlöe Swarbrick's bill will be voted on in Parliament today, but will it get over the line?


How to get a cheeky geez at tonight's super rare blood blue moon

Stay tuned and get ready to stay up late - an extremely rare super blue blood moon is coming to our skies this week.


$300m of heroin seized by NZ defence force in high seas bust

The NZ defence force has seized around $300m of herion in a high seas bust.


Logan Paul claims to be a 'changed man' in his return to YouTube, and we're calling bullshit

Logan Paul has returned to YouTube with a new video after uploading video footage of him and his mates laughing at a suicide victim.


Weed-laced bath bombs are here to hotbox your bathroom and calm you the fuck down

Weed growers are getting creative with what products that can be infused with cannabis.


Lorde hits back at pro-Israel heckler

Lorde was performing at a NYC charity show when an audience member began yelling insults after she canceled a concert in Tel Aviv.


Helen Clark is all about Chloe Swarbrick's medical marijuana bill

Former PM Helen Clark has thrown her support behind Green MP Chloe Swarbrick's medicinal cannabis bill.


9 y/o accidentally drugged his classmates with weed-laced gummy bears

A child in the US has suffered a bad reaction after mistaking her parent's medical marijuana gummy bears for regular lollies.


Managers can no longer tell you to 'piss off' after 3-month trial period gets canned

The Government are limiting 90-day trial periods to businesses with fewer than 20 employees.


How smoking durry's can score you an extra month off work every year

Tammy has decided to take up the darts this year. Which apparently has fuck all to do with the fact that smokers spend up to 1 month extra off work.


Don't sweat it, turns out Hot Yoga is a steaming load of shit

A new study have found hot yoga is no more beneficial than striking a post at room temperature.


Kiwi ledgo's may have just sussed a solution to the world's plastic waste problem

A Kiwi company believes it has come up with a solution to one of the world's biggest environmental problems.


$11k worth of meth and moola seized in Auckland prison

Cash and meth and other drug paraphernalia have been confiscated from two Auckland prison visitors.


Some chicks are legit addicted to taking pregnancy tests

Some new mums, or mums to be, are taking up to 16 pregnancy tests, according to Essential Baby.


Taika Waititi smashes NZ's biggest box office record, yet again

Taika Waititi takes out the biggest box office earning film in New Zealand for the second year in a row.


Netflix dishes out a casual $53 million to get Kevin Spacey the fuck outta there

Netflix has owned up to dishing out millions of dollars to remove Kevin Spacey from any future broadcasts.


Study reveals there's a legit link between going to the gym and cheating

According to affair extraordinaire's Ashley Madison, people who go to the gym are more likely to cheat.


Jimmy Carr is getting slammed for this flop of a Dunners earthquake gag

Jimmy Carr is getting some heat after a gag that came at the expense of both Dunedin and NZ's quake-ravaged towns.


Prepare to break the bank as Auckland transport ticket prices are on the uppers

Using AT Hop card to get around the CBD will become more spenny, with only a few exceptions.


23 y/o porn star Olivia Voltaire dies after OD-ing on prescription drugs

Olivia Lua has become the fifth female pornstar to die in the last three months.


Meet the Uni student who nearly carked it after leaving a tampon in for nine days

A Uni student almost died after forgetting to remove her tampon for nine days. Warning: This story contains graphic details that may disturb.


Say goodbye to Summertime shits, a vegan Cornetto is coming

Good news for vegans and the lactose intolerant, Cornetto is launching dairy-free versions of their iconic cones.


Mark Richardson weighs in on our homegirl Cindy's pregnancy

It's three days since the country learned Jacinda Ardern was preggo, one man has remained silent - until now.


Hawaiians instantly jacked off after false missile alert

As Hawaiians discovered they weren't about to be hit by a missile, many of them headed to the same place for some much-need stress relief: Pornhub.


The most popular safe words for sex are here

Sex shop and online adult store Lovehoney surveyed 3,000 horn dogs asking to list their favourite safe words.


The #1 category chicks search for the most on Pornhub

Pornhub have conducted a 'large' survey delving into what women search for on their site.


Ticket prices have been released for the Parker vs. Joshua fight and damn they're hefty

Clint, Kara & Tammy on the hefty ringside price tag for the upcoming Joshua Parker vs. Anthony Joshua fight.


Chicks are on the hunt for 'sugar daddies' as Uni costs are on the up

An increasing number of students are turning to 'sugar daddies' to help fund their study as the cost of University rises.


Meet the champ who's been using Tinder to travel the world

This dude who has travelled the world using Tinder dates for accommodation is planning his next trip in New Zealand.


Official study proves legalising weed leads to a mass drop in violent crime

The introduction of medical marijuana laws in the US has led to a major drop in violent crime.


NZ ranked as the most wasteful country in the developed world

New Zealand is the most wasteful country in the developed world but investment in organic waste facilities could reduce that by almost a third.


Kim Dotcom's fuming after seized goods return looking rank as fuck

Kim Dotcom is furious, after waiting six years for his property to be returned, only to find it "rotten and destroyed" on delivery.


Fucktard Logan Paul thinks he's entitled to a second chance

YouTuber Logan Paul says he 'deserves a second chance' after uploading a video of him and his douche bag mates laughing at a suicide victim.


Common sex positions people are too pussy to give a crack

A new study has looked into exactly what it is that makes us the most anxious between the sheets.


Cops are now using speedos to catch all you hooner boaties out there

Maritime officers are trialing water laser speed guns to catch speeding boaties in Marlborough, and other councils are keen.


These are Auckland's filthiest restaurants

If you're looking for a food joint in Auckland, you might want to avoid these bad boys.


Old mate Bill English doesn't seem to give a shit about saving Te Reo

Bill English says it comes down to Maori to preserve Te Reo.


Psycho noob head shots Mother after rage quitting video game

A 28 y/o man has allegedly killed his Mother after a video game tantrum.


Jacinda Ardern weighs in on medical cannabis legislation

Jacinda Ardern isn't sure which way she'll vote in the promised cannabis referendum, because she doesn't know what the question will be.


New study claims teens reckon drinking booze is for dweebs

Teens are ditching the traditionally hyped excessive drinking culture, and other drugs, for a more laid back, pizza and board game, Saturday night in.


Feast your eyes on this sick new Game of Thrones themed ice hotel

A Game of Thrones-themed hotel made completely out of ice has opened in Finland.


Pornhub drops the most popular genre perved at per country

Pornhub releases the most-viewed genres for each country in 2017.


Playboy features first ever transgender cover girl

For the first time ever, the German edition of Playboy has featured a transgender model on their cover!


Logan Paul ain't going to be earning a single $ more after YouTube gives him the axe

YouTube has announced it is removing Logan Paul's channels from Google Preferred ads partnership.


Coachella blocks festy goers sparking up spliffs despite it being totally legal

Coachella is banning weed depsite it being totally legal in California... Good luck with that guys.


Super strength eckies doing the rounds in NZ right now

The ecstasy going around New Zealand this festival season could be dangerously strong.


Tradie gaps his job and ends up earning $140,000 a year

Two tradies from the UK just went from earning $18-an-hour to checking cheques at the sum of $140,000 plus. Get it son.


Dude wakes up on autopsy table after three doctors declared him cooked

A Spanish prisoner has woken up on the autopsy table hours after being declared dead.


20 y/o porn star Olivia Nova found dead after spending Christmas alone

Olivia Nova's body was found in her home over the weekend after spending the holiday season alone.


The Weeknd ditches H&M deal after 'racist' ad controversy

Clothing giant H&M is under fire for modelling one of its products with a monkey related slogan on a black child.


Male sex robots with gigantic robo-cocks are coming in 2018

You read that right, male sex robots are coming. Time to up your game boys.


Wack job marries step-daughter 1 year after marrying her Mother

A man has been charged with bigamy after getting hitched to a woman and then marrying her daughter a year later.


Chick who was groped at R&V organises glitter march for consent

The chick who made headlines during Rhythm and Vines for standing up against her sexual assaulter is planning a "glittery march for consent."


Parliamentary horn dogs perved at porn 24,000 times on work Wi-Fi

More than 24,000 attempts have been made to access porn in the UK Houses of Parliament since June last year.


WATCH: Hidden Valley's Hidden Secrets

The frothers came out to play... and share some secrets with Benny Boy.


Looks like Swedish House Mafia boys are back for 2018

Swedish House Mafia dropped major hints fueling speculation that the group will reunite in 2018.


Alison Wonderland makes Coachella history

Alison Wonderland reps the third line of the under card which makes her the highest billed female DJ in the history of Coachella!


Drugged up tourist runs around airport stark naked throwing faeces

Eight days in and we've already got some wack job overdosed on Viagra running around Phuket airport throwing his shit at people.


Watch ya back fam, Air NZ free flights scam on the loose

Air New Zealand has warned customers not to participate in a FB scam offering free flights.


The FOC lads are returning to your telly

Jemaine Clement has announced he and Bret McKenzie will film a Flight of the Conchords HBO special later this year!


Bloke accidentally super-glues his eyes shut after mistaking it for eye drops

He couldn't see the problem...


PHOTOS: The Samsung and George Summer Tour in Matakana

Never have we seen a small, country pub mosh so hard...


Idiots had a ‘lit’ new years after 600 fireworks explode in the back of their car

Cars + fireworks, obvious great idea.


Bell End residents demand street name-change

Your best mate might not have a street named after them anymore...


Aussie dude hospitalised after flying drone into his own face

Drone VS. Man, who will win.


Vice dropped the ultimate Darude Sandstorm documentary

If you only watch one documentary, make it his one.