The George Street Fleet in Auckland is brought to you by Pita Pit. 

We will be around the streets hooking you up with gig tickets, bar vouchers…you name it, we’ve (probably) got it. Listen on 96.6FM to get out of the office with George FM…beats working.

Pita Pit  

At Pita Pit we make good food irresistible. Flavours that excite. Fresh, quality ingredients you can see. All hand made, exactly how you like it, every time. And not because it’s trendy, we’ve been doing it this way for twenty years right around the world.

We love healthy, natural, fresh ingredients and funnily enough, so does your body. Because when it comes to the body, controlling what you put into it makes it a lot easier to control what you get out of it. So a fresh, healthy, tasty Pita Pit with exactly what you want, how you want it, is pretty much the best way in the world to do your body a favour. And there’s one handy to you right now. So what are you waiting for?

 Plus, try our new Free Range Chicken Tenders. Our latest lean mean snack, hot off the grill with your choice of seasoning and dipping sauce.