10 reasons why we’d probably consider selling a kidney if we missed out on Kaytranada tickets


Fuck Bieber. Drake shmake. If you’re asking us, Louis Kevin Celestin, AKA Kaytranada, is hands down Canada’s best musical export.    

Alongside BBE and FuZen, we’re stoked to be bringing the Montreal-based producer to Auckland this Friday.  

Kaytranada’s Kiwi fan base has grown substantially since he lit up Casette 9 in 2014. The 24-year-old will be playing to a sold out crowd at The Studio on K Road.

So if you slept through the ticket sales and don’t want to pay the exorbitant prices offered by ticket scalpers on TradeMe, here’s your silver lining; we’ve got two passes up for grabs for The Official 99.9% After Party at Neck of the Woods featuring STWO and Lou Phelps.  

In the meantime, allow us to pay homage to Kaytranada. Here’s 10 reasons why we love him.

1. Winner of the Polaris Music Prize

Canada agrees with us. Kaytranada won the 2016 Polaris Music Prize for his debut album 99.9%. What’s the Polaris Music Prize you ask? It’s when a jury of music critics pick the best Canadian album of the year.  All hail Kaytranda. Also if you haven’t already, listen to the album here

2. Producer or DJ?
Kaytranada understands the struggle that every producer goes through when they want to be viewed as an artist but finds themselves pigeon-holed as a party DJ.

On the back of his viral SoundCloud remix of Janet Jackson’s ‘If’, Madonna personally called him to ask if he’d be her opening tour DJ.

Once he signed on to XL Recordings, despite his desire to hunker down and work on his debut, the label insisted he continue a non-stop tour. After three long years on the road, Kay finally stood his ground last year and told his managers to stop booking gigs. Thank fuck he did, or the world would never have been gifted 99.9%.   

3. The greatest Missy remix of all time

Can Kaytranada bring the bring the bring the nasty out of me? Yes he can Missy. The Haitian-Canadian producer was responsible for arguably the greatest Missy Elliott remix of all time.


4. Kaytranada’s collab game though

99.9% features the likes of Aluna George, BADBADNOTGOOD, Little Dragon, Vic Mensa and SYD (lead singer of The Internet). There’s even a little Craig David. What kind of artist gets that calibre of artists on their debut? Kaytranada does.

5. Dreams come true

Since Kaytranada’s early days his goal has been to produce for the big dog rappers.  If this recent Snapchat with Andre 3000 says anything, it’s dreams do come true. We can’t wait to hear what this duo is cooking up. 

 Also, we’re totally frothing at the mouth to hear the highly anticipated Chance the Rapper track ‘They Say’, produced by your boy Kay.

6. This banger. That’s all.

7. Family comes first
 When he’s not touring, Kaytranada reportedly still lives at his Montreal home, sharing a basement bedroom with his brother Louis-Philippe – who is also the other half of their duo The Celestics.

In a Fader profile earlier on this year Louis-Philippe opened up about their living situation and growing up as a Celestin.
 “People look at Kay and the fact that he doesn’t have his own apartment and they think it’s weird, but we went through so much shit, and that’s why we so unified. Divorce, struggle, literally being poor, living on $100 per week, saving lunch money to do stuff.”       

The prolific producer was brutally bullied, and held back for three years before he dropped out of highschool to pursue his music dreams.

Kay’s mum was initially very worried about her son, but once he started making real money from tours he could finally reduce her workload.

He told Fader, “I feel like we won the lottery when I got on tour and made all this money. To just help my mum and the whole family, that was our main f***ing goal growing up.”  Kay stahp it. You’re melting our hearts.

8. Despite his success Kaytranada’s still dropping free downloads on SoundCloud
As the title of his debut suggests, there’s 0.1% missing. A week after winning the Polaris Music Prize for 99.9%, Kaytranada dropped a free 90 minute mixtape titled 0.001% on SoundCloud.

It’s an amalgamation of hip-hop, house, funk, soul and R&B that splices samples and new material in a choppier way than its debut album companion, taking the listener back to Kaytranada’s earlier roots.

9. A man who is not afraid to talk about his feelings
In his profile with Fader, Kaytranada also opened up about suffering from depression and trying to be somebody he’s not.

Just last year he ended a long term relationship with a woman and came out to his family (and the rest of the world), “I feel better than I ever have, you know? I’ve been sad my whole life but f**k that. I know I have good things ahead. I don’t know honestly if I’m fully, 100 percent happy, but I’m starting to get there.”

** This song gives us lots of feelings

10. Red Bull Music Academy Lecture
Late last month the 24-year-old sat down for a music lecture with the Red Bull Music Academy. Covering a LOT of ground; from early influences, to how he initially learned to make beats on Fruity Loops, his musical process now, to rising up in the Montreal piu-piu beat scene. If you’ve got an hour or so spare it’s an interesting watch. 



source: data archive