Moby to team up with NASA for space-themed Coachella DJ set


Dance music superstar MOBY will feature NASA video footage during his DJ set at the Coachella festival in California this weekend (13Apr13).

His performance in the Sahara Tent on Saturday night will be his first at the event since he appeared at the very first Coachella in 1999.

He will premiere new material from his recent collaborations with producers Loops of Fury, Zodiac Cartel, Cold Blank and Darth & Vader, and he will be treating fans to a visual collaboration as well with NASA images from space.

Astronaut Piers Sellers tells WENN, "NASA continues to push outwards. We're looking at the health of the Earth, the surface of Mars and we're finding thousands of new planets around other stars. It's a big universe - all of us at NASA are happy to help you explore it."

For Moby, collaborating with NASA is like living out a childhood dream: "When I was growing up I was a science and sci-fi-obsessed kid, and now I'm a science and sci-fi-obsessed adult.

"I've done lots of things with NASA over the years, and I'm really thrilled that they've offered to let me use all of these amazing visuals during my Coachella DJ set."

source: data archive