A new report shows girls don't fuck with heels anymore and are now opting for sneakers

Fashion 18/06/2018

After a new report from Business Insider, women are rockin' sneakers over heels any day of the week, casuing sales of high heels to have declined dramatically.

ThredUp, an online resale plaform, has recently released data that showed the company itself had seen sneaker sales were up 46%, while the sale heels has declined by 38%.

In a blog post they said,

Our data demonstrates that athleisure is certainly a prevailing trend as women seek out more casual, comfortable footwear.

The New York Times has speculated that the #MeToo movement may have something to do with females choice of sneakers instead of heels, women choosing to dress for themselves rather than "being sexually appealing to men".

We don't know if we agree with that, women can whatever the fuck they want, but it's cool to see woman chosing the comfort of kicks over the gruelling discomfort of heels in their day-to-day wear.