If you thought you'd seen it all, think again because there's now high heel Crocs

Fashion 13/07/2018

Sick of your heels giving you blisters when ya out on a Friday? Want a pair of heels that you can easily last all night in?

Well, look no further because boy, have we got a treat for you.

High heel Crocs. That's right! Your favourite casual day wear have now been revamped so you can wear them day AND night.

Check out these bad boys:

Is it hot in here or is it just those shoes?!

In all seriousness though, Crocs have now become ironically cool in this new wave of fashion, with high fashion brands such as Balenciaga repping them in their latest seasons.

Balenciaga says:

Balenciaga casts the classic Croc slipper in a punk-ish new light for SS18. In a whimsical bubblegum-pink hue, the front is decorated with a selection of irreverent pop-culture charms including logo plaques, avocados, flags, and pug faces to create an effect like a fridge of souvenir magnets. Take advantage of the high platform sole to lift an ankle-skimming dress.

These are some of the Crocs that Balenciaga has been copping (and selling for a whopping $645 LOL).

Whatever you're into though right?

Not everyone is embracing the idea as much as we'd hoped. Feel like this perfect combination of formal fashion and comfort as just not meant to happen.