Remember JNCO jeans? Yeah well they're officially dead

Fashion 19/03/2018

The nineties brought us many of the most embarrassing trends we once endorsed but one of the best ones has officially disintergrated into a sad, sad abyss.

JNCO jeans, (Judge None Choose One) the incredibly unnecessarilly wide leg denim pants that accompanied your lip piercing and frosted tips so well, have finally lost their ironic relevancy.

At the brand's peak in 1998, JNCO genie-like jeans had a mind-blowing sales of $186.9 million. Crikey.

While this is an end of an era for JNCO, what JNCO stands for will continue to live on in all of our customers and fans who will carry on the spirit of our brand and all it represents. Thank you to all who have made JNCO special,

The statement released from JNCO will bring tears to the eyes of any 90's kid :'(

RIP to the jeans of your dreams.