Shia LaBeouf has been crowned show bizz's biggest fashion icon

Fashion 15/03/2018

Shia LaBeouf is one of the more low radar celebritites in Hollywood, but many of us have followed him closely through the years as he's moulded into a normcore icon, with an IDGAF mentality and a few intereting encounters with the media.

From his livestream cinema experience of him watching every single movie he's ever been in, to his infamous JUST DO IT motivational video, his public interactions are nothing short of interesting and amazing.

He's been in headlines again as Kanye West confirmed that Shia is infact his muse for the entire YEEZY collection.

He took all my fucking clothes

Kanye was so inspired by Shia's closet that he asked to use his clothes a pop up store, and has based a lot of his YEEZY aesthetic on Shia's wardrobe. Apparently Kanye still has a lot of his clothes and wears them out.  

All of this specualtion around Shia's style has created a new tagline for him "Hollywood's Best Dressed Star". Let's see if it sticks!