The Internet has gone nuts over this girl wearing an apparently 'culturally appropriated' prom dress

Fashion 02/05/2018

A high schooler in the U.S has had an absolutel blasting, after posting pictures of her and her friends ready for prom.

The girl, Keziah Daum, posted on her Twitter what she thought would be some seemingly harmless before prom pics with her mates.


The dress she was sporting was a traditional Chinese dress, known as Cheongsam, and a lot of people were not happy about.

People have accused her of cultural appropriation, and find her wearing the dress extremely offensive.

Not everyone agreed wityh the negative feedback though, with some praising her for going outside the box.

Despite the mixture of positive and negative feedback, Keziah has stood by her decision to wear the dress at her prom, as she believed it to be beautiful and that it was a statement in showing pride for Chinese culture.

Think it's cultural appropriation or cultural appreciation?