The new fashion trend, 'Scumbro' that's surprisingly taking over the world

Fashion 28/08/2018

When you think high fashion, you think Vogue, you think Gucci, you think prestine, you think clean, you think "something I can't afford".

These days however, the definition of high fashion isn't quite as clear cut. This being because messy is kinda cool now, and the whole idea of more neutral and lowkey sense of fashion is what's found in more high end markets. "Apparently".

One fad that we love but are also kind of stumped by is what the internet is calling 'scumbro'. 

Kanye's baby, Yeezy, is an example of this 'scumbro' style, which funnily enough was entirely inpired by Shia Labeof's entire dad-like wardrobe.

Labeouf and the Kardashian-West-Jenner clan aren't the only celebs who sport this kind of gear. Some other big endorsers of this look include Jonah Hill and Pete Davidson (Ariana Grande's fiance in case you didn't know).

Here's some of their best looks:

As you can see, the 'scumbro' look largely consists of oversized  bottoms and tees that feel kinda mismatched, paired with a sick pair of sneakers. An effortless way to put in effort, we guess?

As explained by Vanity Fair's Kenzie Bryant, "It’s the version of streetwear that wears irony like it’s a dewy hint of highlighter on the cheekbone—like norm-core did, but much less precious."

The Scumbro wears Patagonia and Crocs, but also the latest Adidas limited drop. 


So, in summary, the look is a slightly dishevelled mix of both brand new limited addition waves paired with more vintage and worn pieces.

So if you wanna get down with your inner 'Scumbro', search for some old vintage tshirts to pair with your exlusive new Nike's. Or maybe some of that old school lookin Kappa tracksuit to pair with any of your dad's caps from the eighties. Get amongst it!

TBH, it looks cool AF, and we dig it.