Victoria Bitter has just released their own clothing line and we think we can all get behind it

Fashion 12/10/2018

Who doesn't love a good ol' crisp VB on a Friday arvo?

Well now you lads can take your VB love to the next level with their brand new clothing range, which is actually legitimately good. 

They're operating under the brand name Big Cold Gear - we likey what you did there mates. The range features sweaters, t-shirts and hats for all your beer-loving needs. 

Their Marketing and Sponsorship Manager Hugh Jellie said the range was in response to rising demand from punters on social media - so our requests worked apparently. 

"VB has a unique place in Aussie culture and is loved by people across the country. But it’s clear that people who love VB have a hard-earned thirst for more than just the beer. They want to do more than drink their favourite beer brand, they want to wear it too, and from today they can."

Check out the whole range here.

Guess what you'll be seeing on every festie frother this summer?