We found the best sneaker Instagram ever, Brad Hall in all his dad-esque glory

Fashion 16/08/2018

When you think of Instagram accounts focussed on the latest and greatest sneakers in the game, you're probably picturing the pinacle of urban streetwear.

Think. Again.

A recent Instagram sensation, Brad Hall (@bradhall_shoes), has got a very unique take on showing off his sneakers.

Rather than being kitted out head-to-toe, Hall rather sports a more dad-like fit including a beige-coloured buttoned short with a pair of slacks, and it's the best thing we've ever seen!

Along with his awkward style comea an awkward pose, just to top off the "generic white dad" look he absolutely nails.

Check 'em out!

They just get even more and more awkward...

He's even seen imitating Kim Kardashian's latest Yeezy pic after going viral...