'Do you know who I am?': Diplo gets bounced by security at MTV awards before performing

Right Here Right Now 08/06/2022

If you got bounced from a pub or a club on the weekend, prepare to feel better about it - it even happens to the biggest DJs in the world.

Diplo’s assistant, being the GC or B they are, documented him arguing with security at the MTV awards after forgetting his credentials when he went to take a leak. 

"Instead of coming to get me, my assistant filmed me arguing with security to get back to my own trailer," Diplo captioned the footage. 

With only 10 minutes before he was due to perform his new tune with Swae Lee, the situation was getting tense - and Diplo had to pull the classic "do you know who I am?" on some nearby fans. 

The screams of "Diplo!" were enough for security to give him the green light, and he did manage to make it onstage. 

He may have wished he didn’t, though as he copped a lot of shit for his performance of ‘Tupelo Shuffle’.

His collab with Swae Lee is set to feature on the soundtrack of the upcoming ‘ELVIS’ movie, but fans of 'The King' were not impressed. It was labelled "garbage", "cringe", and "horrible’', just to name a few.

Of course, it was only a matter of time until the people of Twitter whipped up some memes and hot takes about Diplo's case of mistaken identity. 

Diplo released a self-titled house album back in April of this year. He said that the album is 'a realisation of a three-year deep dive into the house music that first blew [his] mind as a teenager.'