Dunedin lad spotted riding a La-Z-Boy on a Lime Scooter down one-way street

funny shit 23/01/2019

A young lad has been spotted riding a La-Z-Boy on a Lime Scooter on the streets of Dunedin.

The dude, Jay Bud, was filmed making his way up and down Great King St, a one-way street, sitting atop the couch which he'd balanced on a Lime scooter.

He told Newshub he filmed the stunt for a Facebook group called 'Dunedin Lime antics', in which members post videos of them using the scooters in creative and often dangerous ways.

We are trying to embrace fun things to do with the scooters," he says, adding that he was bored and thought putting a La-Z-Boy on a Lime would be "fun to do and different".

But it hasn't been met with laughs by everyone.

In response to the video, police have advised New Zealanders to prioritise safety when using any kind of vehicle, whether it's a car or a moving couch.

So stay safe on those roads, NZ. Be like Uncle Tam: