Stepdad hilariously live tweets his stepson trying to sneak a girl out of the house

funny shit 22/01/2019

If you ever tried sneaking someone over when you lived at home without your folks finding out, or if you're a parent and one of your little shits has tried to slip one past the goalie without you finding out, then this is for you.

This guy, who's Twitter handle is appropriately named "Tricky-D", noticed that his stepson had brought a girl over and was trying to sneak her out of the house without them knowing.

Trouble is for the kid, he figured out what was going on, and rather than tell his wife or the kid, he decided to share the experience with the rest of the world by live tweeting everything, play-by-play style.

And it's a hell of a ride.


Some called him out for not helping his wahine clean the house, to which he replied: