Instagram influencer tricks followers into thinking he went to Coachella

funny shit 26/04/2019

Coachella, aka the Influencer Olympics, is over for yet another year - but don't worry, we're sure everyone who attended still have months worth of content to post #takemeback.

Even if you didn't go though, it seems pretty easy to fool peeps into thinking you did. Instagrammer Byron Denton is the proof.

'tbhbyron' managed to convince his 80,000+ followers that he was in the US attending the festival with a bunch of faked pics on his story and account - and shows us all how he did it in the video above. 

"When it came to faking it, I started off by searching the internet for other people's Coachella photos and trying to find one I could use to super impose myself into. This took many failed attempts but with the help of an app called PicsArt and a little bit of Facetune I managed to make them look somewhat realistic to post on my social media pages, specifically Instagram," Denton said.

"At first the reaction was very positive with a lot of people thinking I was actually at the 'celeb fuelled' festival however, once a few people suggested it was fake in the comments a lot of others started questioning it also,"

"Once I posted the final video and admitted to 'faking it' I was surprised by the amount of people that actually came forward and said they were fooled by it - this even included close family and friends."

Pretty well done we reckon. Most people only go to Coachella for the likes anyway right..? At least this way he saved himself a fuck tonne of money.