Dude used Female Snapchat filter on Tinder and got right-swiped more than 1600 times

funny shit 13/05/2019

Remember Snapchat? Yeah, we nearly forgot too...

Last week, Snapchat came storming back into public eye (well, at least in our office anyway) as they had released two new insane filters - one that turned you into a woman, and one that turned you into a man.

A simple filter, but my god it got people snapping a sharing again (ironically, people screenshotted and shared to Instagram instead #RIPSnapchat).

This UK fella took the joke to the next level, by setting up a Tinder account the female filter version of himself - and it turns out his female self is very popular with lads on the app.

Jess - real name Jake Askew - thought he looked 'unreal' as a female and set up the new account. Nek minit, his profile was liked over 1,650 times and received between 200-400 matches.

Unsurprisingly, most of the horndog blokes that messaged him were rather crude and indecent #bigdickpicenergy

The 20-year-old told LADBible, the messages ranged from:

Are you a piece of art because I want to nail you up against the wall

To asking if he wanted their "pork sword" and if he would like to "sit on his face". Lovely.

Have a look at some of the messages below.

Two things to learn from this. One - people (mainly guys, in this case) are dumb as f**k for falling for this. And two - dudes, chill out with the creepy DMs.