An accidental cat filter just derailed a government press conference

funny shit 18/06/2019

It's hard to take anyone seriously when they've got a cat filter slapped on their face

Members of the Pakistani government found that out the hard way when they were turned all pink-eared and purr-y during a conference that was being streamed live on Facebook.

While all it takes is a swipe the wrong way to turn anyone into a furry friend, it's not the best look for official business.

The provincial government of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were conducting a press briefing held by Information Minister Shoukat Yousafza, and to make sure everyone could see it the briefing was streamed live on Facebook, where the 'human error' was made turning attendees into cats.

The person operating the camera quickly realised what was going on but couldn't turn the filter off before the internet took hold and shared screenshots of the incident and sending it viral.

Some called it cute, while others have called for filters to become mandatory whenever government meetings of any sort are live streamed.

A statement following the stream said that 'all necessary actions have been taken to avoid such incidents in the future'. Here's hoping the person behind the camera got a raise, seems like the necessary action!