Burger King's Insta is covered in giant dicks thanks to an artist getting revenge

funny shit 21/06/2019

After a giggle? Well we've got just the petty prank for you.

San Francisco artist, Pablo Rochat, has decided to take revenge on BK for stealing his artwork by providing them with an Insta full of dicks, and it's hilarious.

Pablo's art includes tap-and-hold games for Instagram, one of which shows a cat's face with moving features. When you hold the screen, the movement stops and the cat's face is either normal or creepy af looking, depending on your timing. He's done the same trick with celebs faces, like Kim Kardashian, and even Einstein. 

While he doesn't own the concept, Pablo says the face game is "one of the things I've used to establish my footing as a creative". So when Burger Kind ran a tap-and-hold game with the King's face as an ad, he wasn't too happy.

Instead of making a serious stand though, he decided to take a funnier approach to getting revenge: "It just happened to be a day when I wanted to prank someone and draw a penis on their tagged photos, and I was like, 'Let me just fuck with the big brand,'" he said. He uploaded a six images that made up a penis, and then tagged BK in each of them. Absolute genius. 

The drawing has since been followed by heaps of others posting various dicks, keeping the trend going. They've been buried a little now, but a couple scrolls down on Burger King's tagged photos will get you to the goods.

"I felt that because they took an idea that I worked hard to develop on my own, I gave myself permission to get back at them in a creative way that really wouldn't hurt them too much but would be fun and entertaining for everyone," Paulo said. "The most important takeaway that I want people to get from this is that the best revenge is creative."

This guy is seriously a genius.