Cooked guy spotting running naked through Brown's Bay yelling 'I'm free!'

funny shit 28/06/2019

The Shore aye, back up to their old tricks. Some dude was spotted last night running around with his kit off in Brown's Bay, yelling "I'm free, I'm alive, I am the God".

Righto mate.

The commando runner was seen by multiple people, saying he made strange gestures towards them: "This man looks like the same man that was one the beach this afternoon doing strange movement and gestures at me," one person wrote on the Browns Bay Facebook group.

"Yes, I saw him this evening doing strange exercises, definitely him," said another.

A couple of mates were out having dinner at restaurant 'Velvet Gypsy' at about 8pm last night when they saw the naked man running from Brown's Bay Beach, and decided to follow him in their car because they found it "strange".

"He ran through Browns Bay around everywhere ... it was like he was running a quarter-marathon. He shouted 'I'm free, I'm alive, I am the God'" said the resident.

They also saw him coming in and out of bushes. They later called the police who took the runner away, and confirmed the man had been spoken to. 

Don't know what this guy was on, but he seemed pretty happy about it to us.