Sacramento Bee/CHP

Punter ran back to on-fire car to light a durry, lost his eyebrows in the process

funny shit 20/06/2019

To be fair the situation was probably stressful, who wouldn't need a dart?

A California man reportedly needed a durry so bad after his car caught fire on the highway, he decided to use the flames to light a cigarette and lost most of his eyebrows in the process. What a hero.

25-year-old Robert Quigley was speeding just outside of Sacramento last weekend when he rear-ended an SUV, according to the California Highway Patrol.

After Quigley pulled over, the front of his car reportedly caused a gas leak which ignited and set the whole thing on fire.

Quigley and a female passenger were able to get out of the vehicle before it erupted in flames, and Highway Patrol officers arrived shortly after.

A witness told an officer they'd seen Quigley and the passenger try to swap seats so it looked like she was driving, and another revealed Quigley ran back to the car to light his cigarette.

"Yeah, I’m not afraid of fire," he bragged to the officer, according to Fox 40. "I deal with this kind of stuff all the time."

He was eventually arrested for a potential DUI.