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This drum and bass loving camel got lit at a music festival but not everyone's cool with it

funny shit 13/06/2019

What's a festival without a camel?

Kokoso the camel - who reportedly loves a rave - and its owner were spotted chilling out at Land Beyond Festival in England and it's left the world divided.

Rebecca Fosset and her daughter head up a company that provides camels for entertainment, and have sparked outrage from animal activists.

The RSPCA are arguing that a music festivals is no place for a camel or any other animals with loud music, large crowds, and extravagant lighting causing concern.

Fosset says the “so-called animal lovers” don’t know what's up.

“You do realize camels love drum and bass? They like other music too,” she said. “Have you ever seen camels listen to jazz? They absolutely love it, they react like humans do.”

“I was completely shocked at the aggression towards my daughter and we are thinking of taking legal action," Fosset told The Argus. “At no point was [the camel] under any stress. He was quite happy sitting and enjoying the music. 

"We deliberately put a pen around him to stop festival-goers hugging him too much because that would have stressed him out.”

Sounds like the old mate Kokoso just wanted to hang out and listen to a bit of d'n'b, and who could blame them.