Move over Area 51, people want to storm Loch Ness to 'find dat big boi'

funny shit 26/07/2019

We're as close to the world ending as we've ever been, so everyone's decided to throw all fucks out the window and find out what the world's been hiding from us for all these years. 

It started with Area 51, with millions of people pledging to storm it this September. The latest world mysery people want to solve is that of the Loch Ness monster, said to live in the freshwater lake in the Scottish Highlands. 

A Facebook event was made titled 'Storm Loch Ness, Nessie can’t hide from us all', with the description reading "The time is now for us to find dat big boi". So far almost 50,000 people are committed to the cause.

Gemma McDonald from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution seemed to take the event a little too seriously, commenting: "There’s really no need to ‘storm’ Loch Ness, given that it is open to the public 24/7, 365 days a year. Our team knows the Loch incredibly well, but they would never be complacent about it and would say themselves that Loch Ness’ real monster is cold water shock."

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), while understanding the event was a joke, still wanted to point out some facts about the Loch to make people aware of the potential dangers:

The loch has a surface area of about 35 square kilometres and is 230 metres deep at it's deepest point - that's one bigggggg ass lake.

Waves on the loch can reach heights of around 4 metres, and its freshwater so it's not as buoyant as the sea - you won't float as well. 

The RNLI signed off their warning with 'Nessie 1 – 0 Bandwagon'. Sounds like someone can't take a joke...