Punter accidentally sends mum live photo of the moment he was offered drugs

funny shit 06/07/2019

Don't you hate it when your iPhone snitches on you?

An unlucky punter at Electric Forest Festival was just trying to send an innocent photo to his mum, when he was busted by his phone.

22-year-old Logan went viral when he tweeted the incriminating evidence on Twitter.

The clip has nearly 3.7 million views and has led to other punters sharing similar tales of misfortune.

One unlucky reveller said 'I was showing my mom forest pics last year on my phone and I accidentally scrolled to a picture of my hand holding a shit ton of shrooms lmao good times'

We don't condone drug use but if there's a lesson in any of this, it's to make sure you take live photos off before you send to your mum!