Man impersonating police officer gets arrested after pulling over police officers

funny shit 20/08/2019

New York City police have arrested a guy who was reportedly pretending to be a cop.

How did they catch him?-He tried to pull over a couple of real police officers travelling in an unmarked vehicle. Unlucky.

According to Nassau County police, Valiery Portlock had sounded a horn and flashed emergency lights as he attempted to pull over a van in Long Island last week.

The van was carrying two detectives who identified themselves and approached the vehicle, causing the 25-year-old to flee.

Highway patrol officers caught up with the man and arrested him without incident.

According to ABC7, Portlock is facing charges including criminal impersonation and reckless endangerment.

Just a few months ago a similar situation happened, in Florida, of all places.


26-year-old Matthew Joseph Erris tried the exact same thing, but pulled over an undercover detective. Unfortunately for Erris, deputies performed a real traffic stop on him and discovered a pistol under one of the seats in the car. He's also facing charges.

Maybe it's best to not play cop, huh?