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American woman busted entering NZ with heaaaaps of cocaine hidden in puffer jackets

George FM Nights 24/09/2019

Brook Gibson gives his take on the biggest news stories going

A buckwild 43-year-old American woman has been charged at a Christchurch court today after being apprehended at Christchurch Airport yesterday.

She was caught trying to smuggle in 2.5kg of Colombian booga sugar (the dance enhancer, if you will).

She attempted to conceal the goods within the layers of five puffer jackets. With a street value of $875,000 (or $850,000 if you “know a guy”) the haul is pretty decent one for Christchurch customs officials.

Word on the street is the staff Xmas function is already in planning, and my boy, it’s going to be a white Christmas in the Garden city.


By Brook Gibson
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