Aussie creates a drone you can fish from

funny shit 02/09/2019

Meanwhile in Australia, one bloke is living in the year 3019.

Aussie punter Sam Foreman has filmed himself attached to a drone and fishing from it - and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) aren’t quite sure what to make of it.

Using a drone to fish from is - unsurprisingly - a first in Australia, and has sparked a CASA investigation after footage of Foreman flying over Upper Coliban Reservoir in central Victoria, casting his fishing line and reeling something in before flying himself back to land. Perhaps the best - and most Australian - part of the invention is the cup holder on the side, stocked with a VB.

CASA spokesman Peter Gibson has warned against the stunt, in an interview with ABC, identifying serious safety risks.

'This is a first for Australia, to have a large homemade drone being used to lift someone off the ground,' he commented.

'It’s really not a sensible thing to do in any way, shape or form; there’s lots of things that could have gone wrong, someone could have been seriously injured.

'For the person on the chair, the risk could be computer errors where the aircraft flies away, could be motor failures where the aircraft ends up in an uncontrollable state.

'Best-case scenario is the battery sets die and it plonks straight into the water.'

A series of test-runs gone awry are shown in the video, proving the commitment to the cause.

'It’ll take some time for us to gather the information, analyse all that, determine what the appropriate course of action is,' Gibson added.

He also explained Australia’s drone safety regulations are always under review.

To us - as long as no one gets hurt - it looks like a bloody good time.