Builder snapped taking a dump on a roof he was fixing

funny shit 02/09/2019

Come on bro...

Imagine hiring someone to fix a leaky roof, then jumping on Facebook and seeing a photo of that same person taking a s**t on said roof.

Sound unbelievable? Unfortunately for a poor old English bloke it's a reality.

The 38-year-old dad was in disbelief when he discovered the builder he hired to fix a leak in his roof had taken a dump on the roof and reckons he even shoved some down the chimney.

He told Lincolnshire Live "I needed a leak in my loft fixing. I saw an advert in the local brochure - I did my checks, it appeared to be okay, so I asked them to do the work.

"I went up on the scaffolding and noticed the faeces."

Even after he'd told the builders they were welcome to use the bathroom and kitchen inside while they were working....

To make matters worse, the builder even snapped a couple of pics while he was doing the deed, sharing them on Facebook. The images made their way back to the owner thanks to the small size of the community and power of the internet.

What a shocker.