Couple reportedly go to festival just so they can give birth there

funny shit 23/09/2019

People go to music festivals for a few different reasons.

Listen to some tunes, hang out with mates, in some cases make an absolute example of themselves. All pretty standard festival behaviour.

Something that isn't standard however, is giving birth at a festival. Which unfortunately is something one couple absolutely can't wait for.

A post in a community Facebook group for Resonance Festival revealed that a couple went to the gig just so they could give birth there.

“THRILLED my partner is going to be giving birth at this festival,” the post reads, “her water just broke and all are invited to join introducing this miracle of life into this world.”

The post also asks a few questions, like whether amniotic fluid is “ok for the pool” or if anyone had any extra towels.

Thankfully they at least took some measures towards safety with a doula present.

The post has reportedly been removed without a follow up - so we may never know if the birth was successful, let alone legit. Check the screenshot of the alleged post below.