WATCH: Canadian punter known as 'bong man' rocks a mankini to a protest and tries to arrest someone

funny shit 17/10/2019

A local protester wearing a neon-green mankini straight out of Borat caused a bit of a scene at a recent campaign event with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The man - affectionately known around the community as 'bong man' - reportedly tried to perform a citizen's arrest on someone who was blocking him with an election sign.

When the Trudeau's bus arrived, the protester - identified as Jeffrey Shaver - became upset that someone holding a sign supporting Trudeau's Liberal Party was blocking him, CTV News reported.

Shaver is a bit of a local legend in the city of Cambridge, where the protest took place.

He's gained a reputation for holding bong-smoking protests wearing next to nothing.

His protesting began after regional police confiscated his medical marijuana and bong in 2016. Although charges related to marijuana possession were later dropped, Shaver was later charged with public nudity for his protests.