Air NZ shut down angry boomer who doesn't like their use of Te Reo

Culture 28/11/2019

In Aotearoa you could argue that we've seen a bit resurgence of both indigenous language and culture, but unfortunately not everyone is on board.

A recent comment thread on Air New Zealand's Facebook page has proven that point, delivering a classic "ok boomer" moment.

A disgruntled woman inquired about the status of Wellington airport's Koru lounge, and was far from impressed when the reply incorporated a bit of Te Reo.

After Air NZ began their reply with 'Kia Ora,' a pretty common greeting heard almost anywhere in this country, used by almost anyone, old mate Margaret wasn't so keen on the greeting, making a point of saying 'Hello' and clarifying that she isn't Māori. Ok.

Instead of letting this one slide and getting on with business, Air New Zealand decided to play up to Margaret's response and go back to here with more reo, this time less common.

They told Margaret "taihoa koe ka kite," which loosely translates to "you'll soon see."

This led to aunty reiterating that she isn't Māori, despite no one asking, again.

Air NZ really make Margaret's bed by using of even more te reo, this time using 'Kirihimete,' which means Christmas.

Margaret then had one last crack and referred to 'Kirihimete' as a "corrupted English word."

The thread has since been deleted, which is probably for the best, so the screenshots are all we've got. Shout out to Air NZ for exercising a bit of patience and shout out to Aroha Noanoa and Mai FM for the screenshots.