Naked Aussies that drove a moped into a pool in Bali reckon they weren't 'disrespecting the locals'

funny shit 26/11/2019

An Australian man has defended driving a scooter into a pool in Bali, Indonesia, wearing almost nothing.

A 23-year-old that goes by Raymond RB on Instagram posted a clip of the incident online according to 9 News.

The clip shows two men - one wearing a helmet, the other a red cap - laughing while driving the vehicle into the pool.

The video then cuts to one of the pair attempting to turn the motor on.

"What do you mean? It still goes fine," he says.

9 News shared the story on Facebook with commenters quickly coming for the heads of the men.

"I would love to see you do that in your own pool, own motorbike, and your own country," one wrote. "That was disrespectful to the locals. People like you should NEVER leave Australia."

"Of course he wasn't disrespecting the locals he was disrespecting all Australians all of us [sic]," another added.

Raymond told 9 News he doesn't care if people think he's immature.

"I just don't want people thinking it's a rental scooter... [that] I'm disrespecting the locals," he told 9 News.

Aussies don't have the best reputation in Indonesia, with a man landing in hot water earlier this year after kicking a scooter rider and throwing himself in front of cars.