Victoria Police

Victoria police on man hunt after punter threw bag of sh*t at a bus driver

News 26/11/2019

An unlucky Aussie bus driver has had an absolutely sh*t day after a man threw a bag containing faeces at him.

The driver was getting through his shift in Melbourne earlier this month when another man threw the bag from outside the vehicle which then exploded throughout the cabin.

Victoria Police are now hunting for the culprit, described as a 30-40 year old bearded Causasian wearing a beige beanie, and a black and yellow hooded high-vis as well as dark pants with a white stripe down each leg.

Sergeant Todd Little told reporters: "Obviously, the faeces has gone all over the driver.

"The driver believes that it is human faeces. It is quite runny so it has splattered throughout the driver compartment of the vehicle and it has gone onto the driver's face and into his eye."

The offender reportedly ran off straight after the attack, but not before being captured by CCTV.

Unfortunately the driver hasn't returned to work since the incident. Here's hoping police catch the guy!