Woman caught smuggling 4 kgs of weed in fake baby bump

funny shit 15/11/2019

An Argentinia woman has pulled an arguably clever move trying to smuggle a shit tonne of weed in a fake baby belly to make it across the border. 

Local police were originally searching her and her partner as he was found with a small amount of marijuana in one of his bags. They then conducted a thorough search and discovered that the woman wasn't actually pregnant, and had just stuffed her clothes with a huge 4 kilos of weed.

The pair were trying to smuggle the greenery across the border between Argentina and Chile, through the Patagonian region of Santa Olivia. 

Argentina's Minister for Security, Patricia Bullrich, posted photos of the seize on social media, saying: "She made a belly out of paste, hid 15 cannabis bricks inside it and faked a pregnancy before trying to take it from Mendoza to Santa Cruz,"

"At a police control the pretend mum-to-be and her accomplice were arrested. This is how she tried to smuggle the drugs."

A police spokesman added: "Two Argentinian nationals have been arrested after they were caught smuggling drugs. Officers discovered a passenger was carrying two cannabis bricks in a black bag,"

"A young woman was beside him who appeared to be pregnant. She was asked to leave the vehicle and it was confirmed she was also carrying drugs but no baby inside her."

I meannnn, props for the creativity...