Aussie barred from clubs thanks to his sick mullet

funny shit 16/12/2019

An Aussie tradie claims he's been banned from multiple nightclubs all because of his haircut.

Jed Gadbsy has rocked a mullet for the past five years, which started as a joke with friends.

Unfortunately the joke went too far when Jed was in Brisbane for a birthday celebration and was barred from entering two clubs because of his lid.

He'd gone with a group of friends to the city's Valley precinct, only to be denied access at the door.

"They took my ID off me, scanned me and then security guard leaned over and said 'oh I'm not allowed to let you in because of your mullet, it's against the dress code'," Jed said according to The Mirror.

He was first refused entry to Retro's Cocktail Lounge and then RG, which left him feeling discriminated against.

Lawyer Bill Potts told 9NOW he had never heard of a case like Jed's.

"I can understand it if somebody is drunk or disorderly or violent but when we start entering into hair taste this is a whole new world," he said.

Jed said he has no plans to cut off the mullet.